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The course design of the department emphasizes theory, application, practice and the balance among them. In addition to basic mathematics and programming, courses on the theory and applications of computer software and hardware are also included. With the training, our students can equip themselves for the job market or advanced studies. The master program is intended to help the students choose a proper field of research for further study by coordinating the specialties of the faculty and the interests of the students. This enables them to get more important positions in the job market and facilitates their doctoral study. The doctoral program is designed to train the students to do research independently so that the doctorate awardees can continue their research and make significant contribution to the academic research for the country.


dorm.jpg (45324 個�元組)



【Fields of Research】

  • Bioinformatics
  • Computer architecture
  • Computer network
  • Cryptography, information security
  • Database system
  • Parallel and distributed systems
  • Multimedia system
  • VLSI design
  • Data compression, image processing
  • Mobile computing, wireless communications
  • Human-machine interface
  • Signal processing


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The university library has a collection of 302,908 Chinese books, 241,328 foreign books, 2191 Chinese journals and 3728 foreign journals. Our university has built IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN. All people on most campus can use their notebook PCs with wireless LAN adaptors to access the Internet. Now we have thirteen 11Mbps and five 2-Mbps wireless access points covering the main campus. Faculty members and students of our department can use notebooks with wireless adaptors to access the Internet at any place in our department. Thus, they can use this wireless network facility for teaching and research.

The facilities of the research and experiment laboratories are illustrated below:

  • Scalable web server: 40 server nodes.
  • Wireless security control management system for NSYSU.
  • Wireless network experiment equipments: Bluetooth development toolkits (Ericsson Bluetooth module).
  • Electronic and circuit experiment equipments: 40 sets, each containing spectrum monitors; dual power supplier; signal generator, desktop digital electric meter.
  • Digital circuit experiment equipments: 40 sets, each containing microprocessor development system, microprocessor experiment board, PLC & PIC digital logic experiment devices, LCR tester, high level general purpose burning tester, Xilinx and Altera FPGA burner, Xilinx and Altera FPGA foundation added design software tool, Xilinx Vertex and Altera FPGA chipset.
  • Microprocessor experiment equipments: 41 sets, each including re-assemblable microprocessor, ICE, control interface (LED, stepping motor, speaker, plotter, thermometer, manometer, transducer, and optic ruler.
  • Intelligent information appliance experiment equipments: data transfer devices (e.g., PDA? Bweb PAD, etc., 20 sets)
  • Other computers: 70 workstations, 320 PC sets and 50 PC notebooks.



【Campus Life

Backed up on the east by Shou Hill, and facing to the west the beautiful Hsitzu Bay, National Sun Yat-sen University has a reputation for its beautiful campus that is unique in Taiwan. While the campus enjoys the peace because of the separation by Shou Hill, it is conveniently connected to downtown through a pedestrian tunnel. There are hiking trails, tennis courts, swimming pools, baseball fields, a stadium and a gymnasium on campus. More than 40 student clubs add colors to the active campus life. Outside the campus, students can easily set their feet on nearby sight-seeing spots such as Chi-Jing Island, Cheng-Ching Lake, Kenting National Park, etc. Kaohsiung Municipal Art Museum and Museum of Science and Technology are good resorts for nurturing the mind.

For accommodations, there are two major dormitory groups, with a capacity of more than 4000 bed units for the students. Each dormitory is equipped with telephone network, computer network, washing machines, drying machines, television sets, table tennis tables, etc. Five campus cafeterias serve nutritious, delicious and inexpensive meals. The university has tried to provide a comfortable environment for the students to succeed in their study. The department enjoys a very good atmosphere between the faculty and the students. A variety of activities are held every semester: the hiking on Tsai Hill, the water activity on Hsitzu Bay, the beach volleyball, and the banquet at the end of the semester, etc.