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In the last decade, the product value of information industry has been enjoying substantial growth each year and has become a major industry contributing to the economic development of our country. In order to meet the need for leading technology and the need for professionals in information industry, National Sun Yat-sen University established the master program in computer science and engineering in 1992, the doctoral program in 1996, and the undergraduate program in 1999.





The department has expected itself to achieve the goals of improving the information technology and training professionals. Owing to the deliberate planning of the department and the hard working of all faculty and staff members, and students together, a solid academic research foundation is assured. Beside the academic research and the teaching, the department is also devoted to introducing the research results to the industry for the support of the state-of-the-art technology. With continuing efforts based on the present foundation, a promising future as an academic center for the information industry is foreseen.