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Accompanied by gradual progress in the information industry, cutting-edge technologies and cultivating professionals are needed. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering established master's program in 1992, and later doctoral and bachelor’s programs in 1996 and 1999, respectively.The department has expected itself to achieve the goals of improving the information technology and training professionals. Owing to the deliberate planning of the department and the hardworking of 21 faculty members, 3 staff members and around 500 students together, a solid academic research foundation is assured. Except for the academic research and the instructions, the department is devoted into sharing the research results with the industry for the support of the state-of-the-art technologies as well. With continuing efforts based on the present basis, a promising future as an academic center for the information industry is foreseen.


Taiwan is recognized as one of the world leading role in the high-tech electrical, electronic and information engineering fields. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering dedicates itself to advancing the standard of information technology in Taiwan and educating talents who could pioneer the country’s development. The sound planning of the university side, the joint efforts of the faculty members and students lay a firm foundation for the academic output and making the department one of Taiwan’s major research, education, and industry-academia collaboration hubs.